Conversation Heart String Lights

So Valentine’s Day is always fun,but there seems to be so few decorations sold in store for it.

So I had the idea to turn my string lights into a length of conversation hearts 

The way I did this was by folding a paper in half and cutting out a heart shape

After the paper was cut in a heart shape I wrote a phrase from a conversation heart on it

The last step was hole punching the corner and making a thin slit so that it could be looped onto the string lights

  1. The finished product!!


First Things First..

Hey guys!! Call me Jess, I’m the owner of this humble blog site. My hobbies are cooking,reading poetry and dystopian /young-adult fiction and taking terrible BuzzFeed quizzes! I own 2 succulents and I love hello kitty and drawings of the sky!

I’m starting a bullet journal and I thought it would be cool to also do a blog.

My dream vacation would be Japan in spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

My favorite artists are Lana Del Rey,Marina and The Diamonds,TROYE SIVAN,Mcr and other bands along those lines!

Oh wait before I go!!

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